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Deuce Runner Bars 4.5"

Retail Price: $79.99
You save: $9.04  (11%)
Our Price: $70.95

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  • Model: YAM-D2226-45
  • Shipping Weight: 2.7lbs
  • 12 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Stud Boy


  • Carbide Runner Angle: 60 deg.
  • Carbide Runner Length Imperial: 6.00"
  • Number Of Studs: 4
  • Wear Bar Profile: Concave Side
  • Patented design was the dominating bar of the Alaskan Iron Dog 2000 mile snowmobile race
  • Utilizes the design benefit of the original Shapertm bars concave sides
  • Creates its own groove offering the advantage of no darting
  • Eliminates traditional dual runner type drag
  • One piece design is very durable and has proven long life and extended miles capabilities
  • Unique design will not clog with snow, ice, rocks or snag obstacles
  • Has 60 dual cutting carbides on each runner
  • Sold each, must order 2 per machine

This part fits the following

SnowmobileYamahaAttak GT20079981
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro20081049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro20091049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro20101049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro20111049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro20121049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro MTX20081049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro MTX20091049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro MTX20101049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro MTX SE20121049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro MTX SE20141049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro MYX SE20121049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro RTX20081049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro RTX20091049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro RTX20101049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro RTX20111049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro RTX20121049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro RTX SE20091049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro RTX SE20101049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro XTX20091049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro XTX20101049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro XTX20111049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX Nytro XTX20121049cc1
SnowmobileYamahaFX10M FX Nytro MTX 153201310491
SnowmobileYamahaFX10M FX Nytro MTX 153201410491
SnowmobileYamahaFX10M FX Nytro MTX 162201310491
SnowmobileYamahaFX10M FX Nytro MTX 162201410491
SnowmobileYamahaFX10MTS FX Nytro MTX SE 15320109981
SnowmobileYamahaFX10MTS FX Nytro MTX SE 153201110491
SnowmobileYamahaFX10MTS FX Nytro MTX SE 16220109981
SnowmobileYamahaFX10MTS FX Nytro MTX SE 162201110491
SnowmobileYamahaPhazer 50020014851
SnowmobileYamahaPhazer Mountain Lite20014851
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50 Phazer20075001
SnowmobileYamahaPZ500DX Phazer 500 Deluxe20011
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50FX Phazer FX20075001
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50GT Phazer GT20074991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50GT Phazer GT20084991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50GT Phazer GT20094991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50GT Phazer GT20104991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50GT Phazer GT20114991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50GT Phazer GT20124991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50GT Phazer GT20134991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50MT Phazer Mountain Lite20074991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50MT Phazer MTX20084991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50MT Phazer MTX20094991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50MT Phazer MTX20104991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50MT Phazer MTX20114991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50MT Phazer MTX20124991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50MT Phazer MTX20134991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50RTX Phazer RTX20084991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50RTX Phazer RTX20094991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50RTX Phazer RTX20104991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50RTX Phazer RTX20114991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50RTX Phazer RTX20124991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50RTX Phazer RTX20134991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50VT Venture Lite20074991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50VT Venture Lite20084991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50VT Venture Lite20094991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50VT Venture Lite20104991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50VT Venture Lite20114991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50VT Venture Lite20124991
SnowmobileYamahaPZ50VT Venture Lite20134991
SnowmobileYamahaRPZ50 Venture MP20134991
SnowmobileYamahaRS Vector GT201010491
SnowmobileYamahaRS Vector LT GT20099731
SnowmobileYamahaRS Vector LTX GT20109731
SnowmobileYamahaRS10 RS Venture TF201310491
SnowmobileYamahaRS90 RS Vector20059531
SnowmobileYamahaRS90 RS Vector20089731
SnowmobileYamahaRS90GT Vector GT20089731
SnowmobileYamahaRS90GT Vector GT20099731
SnowmobileYamahaRS90GT Vector GT20119731
SnowmobileYamahaRS90LT RS Vector LTX201310491
SnowmobileYamahaRS90LTGT Vector LTX GT20089731
SnowmobileYamahaRS90LTGT Vector LTX GT201110491
SnowmobileYamahaRS90M RS Vector Mountain20059531
SnowmobileYamahaRS90N Nytro20069531
SnowmobileYamahaRS90N Nytro20079531
SnowmobileYamahaRS90NR Nytro ER20079531
SnowmobileYamahaRS90R RS Vector201310491
SnowmobileYamahaRS90R RS Vector ER20059531
SnowmobileYamahaRSG90 RS Rage20059531
SnowmobileYamahaRST90 RS Venture20059531
SnowmobileYamahaRST90 RS Venture20069531
SnowmobileYamahaRST90 RS Venture20089531
SnowmobileYamahaRST90 RS Venture20099531
SnowmobileYamahaRST90 RS Venture20109731
SnowmobileYamahaRST90 RS Venture20119731
SnowmobileYamahaRST90 RS Venture20129731
SnowmobileYamahaRST90 RS Venture20139731
SnowmobileYamahaRST90GT RS Venture GT20099531
SnowmobileYamahaRST90GT RS Venture GT20109531
SnowmobileYamahaRST90GT RS Venture GT20119531
SnowmobileYamahaRST90GT RS Venture GT20129531
SnowmobileYamahaRST90GT RS Venture GT20139531
SnowmobileYamahaRX10 RX-1200510001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10GT Apex GT20069771
SnowmobileYamahaRX10GT Apex GT20079771
SnowmobileYamahaRX10GT Apex GT20089771
SnowmobileYamahaRX10GT Apex GT20099771
SnowmobileYamahaRX10GT Apex GT20109771
SnowmobileYamahaRX10LT Apex LTX200810001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10LTGT Apex LTX GT200810001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10LTGT Apex LTX GT200910001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10LTGT Apex LTX GT201010001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10M Apex Mountain20069771
SnowmobileYamahaRX10M Apex Mountain20079771
SnowmobileYamahaRX10M RX-1 Mountain200310001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10M RX-1 Mountain20049771
SnowmobileYamahaRX10MS RX-1 Mountain LE200510001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10MT Apex MTX200810001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10MT Apex MTX200910001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10MT Apex MTX201010001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10PS Apex SE20119981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10PS Apex SE20129981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10PS Apex SE20139981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10PX Apex XTX20119981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10PX Apex XTX20129981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10PX Apex XTX20139981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10R Apex20069981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10R Apex20089981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10R Apex20109981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10R Apex20119981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10R Apex20129981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10R Apex20139981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10R Apex ER20079981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10R RX-1 ER200410001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10R RX-1 ER200510001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10RS RX-1 ER LE200310001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10RT Apex RTX20069981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10RT Apex RTX20079981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10RTR Apex RTX20069981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10RTR Apex RTX20079981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10RTR Apex RTX20089981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10RTR Apex RTX20099981
SnowmobileYamahaRX10S RX-1 LE200310001
SnowmobileYamahaRX10S RX-1 LE200410001
SnowmobileYamahaRXW10 Attak20069771
SnowmobileYamahaRXW10 RX Warrior200410001
SnowmobileYamahaRXW10S RX Warrior LE200510001
SnowmobileYamahaSX Venom20045931
SnowmobileYamahaSX Venom20055931
SnowmobileYamahaSX Venom ER20045931
SnowmobileYamahaSX Venom ER20065931
SnowmobileYamahaSX Viper20026961
SnowmobileYamahaSX Viper Mountain20036961
SnowmobileYamahaSX Viper Mountain20046961
SnowmobileYamahaSX Viper Mountain20056961
SnowmobileYamahaSX Viper Mountain20066961
SnowmobileYamahaSXV70 SX Viper ER20021
SnowmobileYamahaSXV70 SX Viper ER20031
SnowmobileYamahaSXV70 SX Viper ER20041
SnowmobileYamahaVK10 RS Viking Professional20089731
SnowmobileYamahaVK10 RS Viking Professional20099731
SnowmobileYamahaVK10 RS Viking Professional20109731
SnowmobileYamahaVK10 RS Viking Professional20119731
SnowmobileYamahaVK10 RS Viking Professional20129731
SnowmobileYamahaVK10 RS Viking Professional20139731
SnowmobileYamahaVK10 RS Viking Professional20149731
SnowmobileYamahaVK10 RS Viking Professional20159731
SnowmobileYamahaVK10 VK Professional20079531
SnowmobileYamahaVMAX 700 ER20026981
SnowmobileYamahaVT500 Venture20011
SnowmobileYamahaVT500 Venture XL20065001
SnowmobileYamahaVT60 Venture 60020041
SnowmobileYamahaVT60 Venture 60020051
SnowmobileYamahaVT60 Venture 60020061
SnowmobileYamahaVT600 Venture20011
SnowmobileYamahaVT70 Venture 70020041
SnowmobileYamahaVT700 Venture 70020021
SnowmobileYamahaVT700 Venture 70020031
SnowmobileYamahaVX600ER Vmax 600 ER20031

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 15 November, 2019.


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