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13" 412 Series Shocks Chrome

Retail Price: $344.95
You save: $66.00  (19%)
Our Price: $278.95

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  • Model: 412-4213C
  • Shipping Weight: 10.3lbs
  • 9 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: PROGRESSIVE


  • Color: Silver
  • Damping Type: Multi stage velocity sensitive valving
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Preload Adjustment: Five position cam style preload adjuster
  • Shock Construction: High pressure gas charged, all steel double wall damper
  • Shock Length: 13"
  • Type: Shock Set
The 412 Series shocks are simply the best value shock on the market today. The 412s simple, durable design means they will be an improvement to your motorcycle's suspension performance for as long as you are riding it. The doublewall steel body construction with nitrogen charged, multi-staged velocity sensitive valving gives you smooth, consistent damping. A five-position cam style preload adjuster lets you dial in your ride whether you're a light rider or heavy hitter.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleHondaGL1500C Valkyrie19971520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500C Valkyrie19981520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500C Valkyrie19991520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500C Valkyrie20001520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500C Valkyrie20011520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500C Valkyrie20021520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500C Valkyrie20031500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500CT Valkyrie Tourer19971520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500CT Valkyrie Tourer19981520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500CT Valkyrie Tourer19991520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHondaGL1500CT Valkyrie Tourer20001520Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Drifter19991500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Drifter20001500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Drifter20011500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Drifter20021500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Drifter20031500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Drifter20041500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Drifter20051500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Nomad19981500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Nomad19991500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Nomad20001500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Nomad20011500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Nomad F/I20001500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Nomad F/I20011500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Nomad F/I20021500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Nomad F/I20031500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1500 Vulcan Nomad F/I20041500Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Classic20031553Rear1Stock shock length is 12.75", Use #5011-054 spacer kit or 14mm I.D. flat washers.
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Classic20041600Rear1Stock shock length is 12.75", Use #5011-054 spacer kit or 14mm I.D. flat washers.
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Classic20051600Rear1Stock shock length is 12.75", Use #5011-054 spacer kit or 14mm I.D. flat washers.
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Classic20061600Rear1Stock shock length is 12.75", Use #5011-054 spacer kit or 14mm I.D. flat washers.
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Classic20071600Rear1Stock shock length is 12.75", Use #5011-054 spacer kit or 14mm I.D. flat washers.
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Classic20081600Rear1Stock shock length is 12.75", Use #5011-054 spacer kit or 14mm I.D. flat washers.
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Nomad20051600Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Nomad20061600Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Nomad20071600Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiVN1600 Vulcan Nomad20081600Rear1Stock Length
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19861198Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19871198Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19881198Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19891198Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19901198Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19911198Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19921198Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19931196Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19941185Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19951185Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19961185Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19971185Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19981185Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII19991185Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII20001185Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII20011185Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII20021185Rear1
MotorcycleKawasakiZG1200 Voyager XII20031185Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III20042294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III20052294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III20062294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III20072294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III20082294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III20092294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Classic20062294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Classic20072294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Classic20082294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Classic20092294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Classic Tourer20082294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Classic Tourer20092294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Classic Tourer20102294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Classic Tourer20112294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Roadster20102294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Roadster20112294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Roadster20122294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Roadster20132294Rear1
MotorcycleTriumphRocket III Roadster20142294Rear1

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 19 August, 2020.


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