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11" 412 Series Shocks Chrome

Retail Price: $344.95
You save: $67.00  (19%)
Our Price: $277.95

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  • Model: 412-4062C
  • Shipping Weight: 9.4lbs
  • 12 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: PROGRESSIVE


  • Color: Silver
  • Damping Type: Multi stage velocity sensitive valving
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Preload Adjustment: Five position cam style preload adjuster
  • Shock Construction: High pressure gas charged, all steel double wall damper
  • Shock Length: 11"
  • Type: Shock Set
The 412 Series shocks are simply the best value shock on the market today. The 412s simple, durable design means they will be an improvement to your motorcycle's suspension performance for as long as you are riding it. The doublewall steel body construction with nitrogen charged, multi-staged velocity sensitive valving gives you smooth, consistent damping. A five-position cam style preload adjuster lets you dial in your ride whether you're a light rider or heavy hitter.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom200474 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom200574 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom200674 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom200774 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom200874 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom200974 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom201074 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom201174 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom201274 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom201374 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom201474 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster Custom201574 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200L Sportster Low200674 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200L Sportster Low200774 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200L Sportster Low200874 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200L Sportster Low200974 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200L Sportster Low201074 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200L Sportster Low201174 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200N Sportster Nightster200774 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200N Sportster Nightster200874 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200N Sportster Nightster200974 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200N Sportster Nightster201074 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200N Sportster Nightster201174 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200N Sportster Nightster201274 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200R Sportster Roadster200474 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200R Sportster Roadster200574 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200R Sportster Roadster200674 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200R Sportster Roadster200774 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200R Sportster Roadster200874 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200T SuperLow201474 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200T SuperLow201574 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200V Seventy-Two201274 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200V Seventy-Two201374 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200V Seventy-Two201474 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200V Seventy-Two201574 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200X Forty-Eight201074 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200X Forty-Eight201174 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200X Forty-Eight201274 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200X Forty-Eight201374 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200X Forty-Eight201474 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL1200X Forty-Eight201574 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL50 50th Anniversary Sportster200774 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883 Sportster200454 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883 Sportster200554 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883 Sportster200654 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883 Sportster200754 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883 Sportster200854 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883C Sportster Custom200454 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883C Sportster Custom200554 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883C Sportster Custom200654 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883C Sportster Custom200754 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883C Sportster Custom200854 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883C Sportster Custom200954 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883C Sportster Custom201054 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L Sportster Low200554 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L Sportster Low200654 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L Sportster Low200754 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L Sportster Low200854 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L Sportster Low200954 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L Sportster Low201054 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L SuperLow201154 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L SuperLow201254 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L SuperLow201354 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L SuperLow201454 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883L SuperLow201554 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883N Iron200954 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883N Iron201054 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883N Iron201154 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883N Iron201254 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883N Iron201354 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883N Iron201454 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883N Iron201554 CIRear1Stock Length
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883R Sportster200654 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883R Sportster200754 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXL883R Sportster Roadster201254 CIRear1
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXR1200200874 CIRear1Stock shock length is 13.88"
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXR1200200974 CIRear1Stock shock length is 13.88"
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXR1200201074 CIRear1Stock shock length is 13.88"
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXR1200X Sportster201074 CIRear1Stock shock length is 13.88"
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXR1200X Sportster201174 CIRear1Stock shock length is 13.88"
MotorcycleHarley DavidsonXR1200X Sportster201274 CIRear1Stock shock length is 13.88"

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 13 June, 2019.


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