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Orange Oil Filter Cover - Replaces 59038041000 For 01-10 KTM 4 Strokes

Retail Price: $67.95
You save: $18.00  (26%)
Our Price: $49.95

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  • Model: ZE90-1417
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6lbs
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Zeta


Replaces 59038041000 For 01-10 KTM 4 Strokes

  • Material: A7009-T6 aluminum
  • Type: Oil Filter Cover
  • UPC: 4547836090158
  • CNC machined aluminum oil filter covers.
  • Made of A7009-T6 aluminum with a beautiful Anodized finish and " ZETA " logo
  • Lighter than stock oil filter covers

This part fits the following

MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20002501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20022501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20032501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20042501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20052501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20062501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20072501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20082501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20092501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20102501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20112501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20122501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC20132501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Racing20012501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Racing20022501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Racing20032501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Racing20042501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Racing20052501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Racing20062501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC Six Days20122501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20072501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20082501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20092501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20102501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20112501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20122501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F20132501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F Six Days20102501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F Six Days20112501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-F Six Days20122501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-G Racing20032501
MotorcycleKTM250 EXC-G Racing20042501
MotorcycleKTM250 XC-F20072491
MotorcycleKTM250 XC-F20082491
MotorcycleKTM250 XC-F20092491
MotorcycleKTM250 XC-F20112491
MotorcycleKTM250 XC-F20122491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20072491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20082491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20092491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20102491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20112491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W20122491
MotorcycleKTM250 XCF-W Six Days20112491
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20034001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20044001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20054001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20064001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC20074001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC Racing20034001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC Racing20044001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC Racing20054001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC Racing20074001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC-G Racing20054001
MotorcycleKTM400 EXC-G Racing20064001
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20054501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC20074501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20054501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC Racing20074501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-G Racing20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-G Racing20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 EXC-G Racing20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC20054501
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC Racing20054501
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC Racing20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC-G Racing20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC-G Racing20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 MXC-G Racing20054501
MotorcycleKTM450 Rally20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 SMR20044491
MotorcycleKTM450 SMR20054491
MotorcycleKTM450 SMR20064491
MotorcycleKTM450 SMR20074491
MotorcycleKTM450 SMS20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 SX20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 SX Racing20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 SX Racing20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 SX Racing20054501
MotorcycleKTM450 SX Racing20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 SX-F20034491
MotorcycleKTM450 SX-F20074491
MotorcycleKTM450 SXS20034501
MotorcycleKTM450 SXS20044501
MotorcycleKTM450 SXS20054501
MotorcycleKTM450 SXS20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 SXS20074491
MotorcycleKTM450 XC20044001
MotorcycleKTM450 XC20054001
MotorcycleKTM450 XC20064001
MotorcycleKTM450 XC20074501
MotorcycleKTM450 XC-G Racing20064501
MotorcycleKTM450 XC-W20074491
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC Racing20005101
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC Racing20015101
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC Racing20025101
MotorcycleKTM520 EXC-G Racing20025101
MotorcycleKTM520 MXC Racing20005201
MotorcycleKTM520 MXC Racing20015101
MotorcycleKTM520 MXC Racing20025101
MotorcycleKTM520 SX Racing20005201
MotorcycleKTM520 SX Racing20015101
MotorcycleKTM520 SX Racing20025101
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC20035101
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC20055251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC Racing20035251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC Racing20045251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC Racing20055251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC Racing20065251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC Racing20075251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC-G Racing20035251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC-G Racing20045251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC-G Racing20055251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC-G Racing20065251
MotorcycleKTM525 EXC-G Racing20075251
MotorcycleKTM525 SMR20045251
MotorcycleKTM525 SMR20055251
MotorcycleKTM525 SX20045251
MotorcycleKTM525 SX20055251
MotorcycleKTM525 SX20065251
MotorcycleKTM525 SX Racing20035251
MotorcycleKTM525 SX Racing20045251
MotorcycleKTM525 SX Racing20055251
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS20065401
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20015391
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20025391
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20035391
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20045391
MotorcycleKTM540 SXS Racing20055401
MotorcycleKTM950 Adventure20039421
MotorcycleKTM950 Adventure20049421
MotorcycleKTM950 Adventure20059421
MotorcycleKTM950 Adventure20069421

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 28 March, 2018.


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