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Intake/Exhaust Valve Guide Bronze - For 87-14 Yamaha 350/400


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  • Model: 80-8010
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs
  • 3 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: KIBBLEWHITE


For 87-14 Yamaha 350/400

    We choose to use the copper based C63000 nickel-aluminum bronze as a material to make our bronze valve guides because of its ideal characteristics for the application. The 5% nickel content provides superior resistance to wear, and the approximately 80 percent copper content delivers outstanding heat conductivity. KPMI guide profiles are designed to have minimal effect on the airstream while maintaining critical cross sectional thickness in high temperature areas, which promotes high performance and endurance.

    This part fits the following

    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto20123501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420073461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420083461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420093461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420103501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 2x420113501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420073461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420083461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420093461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420103501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420113501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420123501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420133501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x420143501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20073461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20083461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20093461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20103501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20113501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350 Grizzly Auto 4x4 IRS20123501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419873501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419883501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419893501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419903461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419913461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419923461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419933461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419943461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419953461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419963461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419973461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419983461
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FW Big Bear 4X419993841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19953501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19963501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19973501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19983501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine19993501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20003501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20013501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20023501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20033501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20043501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350FX Wolverine20053501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20043501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20053501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20063501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20073501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20083481
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20093501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20103501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20113501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20123501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350R Raptor20133501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19873501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19883501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19893501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19903501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19913501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19923501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19933501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19943501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19953501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19963501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19973501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19983501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior19993501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20003501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20013501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20023501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20033501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Warrior20043501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Wolverine 2x420063501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Wolverine 2x420073501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Wolverine 2x420083501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM350X Wolverine 2x420093501
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20003841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20014001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20024001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20034001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear20043841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420003841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420014001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420024001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420034001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420043841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420053841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear 4x420063841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear IRS 4x420074001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear IRS 4x420084001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear IRS 4x420094001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear IRS 4x420104001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear IRS 4x420114001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Big Bear IRS 4x420124001
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 2x420003931
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 2x420013931
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 2x420023931
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 2x420033931
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 2x420043841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 4x420003931
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 4x420013931
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 4x420023931
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 4x420033931
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 4x420043841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 4x420053841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400 Kodiak Auto 4x420063841
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19934011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19944011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19954011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19964011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19974011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19984011
    ATV / SxSYamahaYFM400F Kodiak19994011

    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 July, 2019.


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