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Directional Left Side Brake Rotor

Retail Price: $267.15
You save: $41.16  (15%)
Our Price: $225.99

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  • Model: MD607LS
  • Shipping Weight: 4.2lbs
  • 12 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: EBC


  • UPC: 847943003114
Top selling full circle profile OE replacement rotors made with tough and durable heat treated stainless steel. These 100% British made units are produced by EBC Brakes in the new Northampton plant using Premium quality German mill rolled steel, heat treated to perfection and then diamond ground to micron accurate surface finish and parallelism and will deliver great brakes at less than Manufacturer prices that will perform and last. These discs replace your original discs exactly and require no changes, simply install with new pads and you're all set.

This part fits the following

MotorcycleBMWK11988987Front Left116 valve - Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1 ABS1988987Front Left116 valve - ABS Models
MotorcycleBMWK1 ABS1989987Front Left116 valve - ABS Models
MotorcycleBMWK1 ABS1990987Front Left116 valve - ABS Models
MotorcycleBMWK1 ABS1991987Front Left116 valve - ABS Models
MotorcycleBMWK1 ABS1992987Front Left116 valve - ABS Models
MotorcycleBMWK1 ABS1993987Front Left116 valve - ABS Models
MotorcycleBMWK100RS1989987Front Left116 valve - Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK100RS1991987Front Left116 valve - Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK100RS1992987Front Left116 valve - Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK100RS ABS1990987Front Left116 valve - ABS Models
MotorcycleBMWK100RS ABS1991987Front Left116 valve - ABS Models
MotorcycleBMWK100RS ABS1992987Front Left116 valve - ABS Models
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT19911092Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT19921092Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT19931100Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT19941100Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT19951100Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT19961100Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT19971100Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT19981100Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT19991100Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS19921100Front Left1ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS19931092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS19941092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS19951092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS19961092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS19971092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS19981092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS19991092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS Special Edition19941100Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT ABS Special Edition19971100Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100LT High Line19971100Front Left1Non ABS
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS19921100Front Left1Non ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS19931100Front Left1Non ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS19941100Front Left1Non ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS19951100Front Left1Non ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS19961100Front Left1Non ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS ABS19921092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS ABS19931092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS ABS19941092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS ABS19951092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS ABS19961092Front Left1ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWK1100RS SE19961100Front Left1Non ABS Model
MotorcycleBMWR1100R19941085Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R19951100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R19961100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R19971100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R19981100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R19991100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R20001100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R20011085Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R ABS19941085Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R ABS19951100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R ABS19961100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R ABS19971100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R ABS19981100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R ABS19991085Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R ABS20001100Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100R ABS20011085Front Left1Cast wheel
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS19931100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS19941100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS19941100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS19951100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS19961100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS19971100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS19981100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS19991100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS20001100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS20011100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS Special Edition19941100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RS ABS Special Edition19951100Front Left1
MotorcycleBMWR1100RT19941100Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR1100RT19951100Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR1100RT19961100Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR1100RT19971100Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR1100RT19981100Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR1100RT19991100Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR1100RT20001100Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR1100RT20011100Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR1100RT SE20001100Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R1995832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R1996832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R1997832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R1998832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R1999832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R2000832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R2001832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R2002832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R ABS1996832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R Boxer1999850Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R Classic2002850Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850R Special Edition1997832Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850RT1996848Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850RT1997848Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850RT1998848Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850RT1999850Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850RT2000848Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS
MotorcycleBMWR850RT2001848Front Left1Cast wheel/ABS

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 31 March, 2015.


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