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Snowmobile Hi-Flow Intake Kit

Retail Price: $79.95
You save: $9.96  (12%)
Our Price: $69.99

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  • Model: 14-129
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Starting Line Products


  • Color: Black
  • Type: Intake Kit
This High Flow Intake Kit for the Ski-Doo XP increases the air intake surface area by 33% to reduce the chance of the intake plugging in powder snow conditions. It is located higher than the stock intake and within reach of the rider so that any snow that collects on it can be easily wiped away. This kit consist of a molded plastic adapter that seals between the stock airbox and the hood along with an intake grate that utilizes our pre-filter material that repels snow and water while passing air right through. This kit is a must for anyone riding powder snow conditions.

This part fits the following

SnowmobileSki DooExpedition 550F Sport20115531
SnowmobileSki DooExpedition 550F Sport2013553.41
SnowmobileSki DooExpedition 600 ACE Sport20116001
SnowmobileSki DooExpedition Sport 550F2012553.41
SnowmobileSki DooExpedition Sport 550F2014553.41
SnowmobileSki DooExpedition Sport 600 ACE20126001
SnowmobileSki DooExpedition Sport 600 ACE20136001
SnowmobileSki DooExpedition Sport 600 ACE20146001
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 550F Sport20105531
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 550F Sport20115531
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 550F Sport2013553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 550F Sport2014553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 600 Sport20106001
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 600 Sport20126001
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 600 Sport ACE20116001
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 600 Sport ACE20136001
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 600 Sport ACE20146001
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 600 Sport XP20116001
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 600 Sport XP20135971
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring 600 Sport XP20146001
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring Sport 550F2012553.41
SnowmobileSki DooGrand Touring Sport 600 ACE20126001
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 550F Sport20105531
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 600 HO SDI LTD20085941
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 600 Sport20105971
SnowmobileSki DooGSX 800R Limited20087991
SnowmobileSki DooGSX Sport 500SS20085971
SnowmobileSki DooGSX Sport 500SS20095971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 500SS TNT20085971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 500SS TNT20095971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 500SS Trail20085971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 500SS Trail20095971
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 550F TNT20105531
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 600 HO SDI Adrenaline20085941
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 600 HO SDI Renegade20085941
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 600 HO SDI Renegade X20085941
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 600 HO SDI X20085941
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 600 TNT20106001
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ 800R Adrenaline20087991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Adrenaline 800R20087991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Adrenaline 800R20097991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Adrenaline 800R PTEK20107991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Renegade 800R20087991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Renegade 800R20097991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Renegade X 800R20087991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Renegade X 800R20097991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 550F2011553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 550F2012553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 550F2013553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 550F2014553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 600 ACE20116001
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 600 ACE20126001
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 600 ACE20136001
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ Sport 600 ACE20146001
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ TNT 550F2011553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ TNT 550F2012553.41
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ TNT 600 ACE20116001
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ TNT 600 ACE20126001
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ X 800R20087991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ X 800R20097991
SnowmobileSki DooMXZ X-RS 800R PTEK20107991
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade 550F Sport20105531
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade 550F Sport20115531
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade 600 Sport ACE20116001
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Adrenaline 800R ETEC20117991
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Adrenaline 800R PTEK20107991
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Adrenaline 800R PTEK20117991
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade BackCountry 800R ETEC20117991
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade BackCountry 800R P-TEK20117991
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade BackCountry 800R PTEK20107991
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade BackCountry X 800R PTEK20107991
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Sport 550F2012553.41
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Sport 550F2013553.41
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Sport 550F2014553.41
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Sport 600 ACE20126001
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Sport 600 ACE20136001
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade Sport 600 ACE20146001
SnowmobileSki DooRenegade X 800R PTEK20107991
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 600 Sport20106001
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 600 Sport20116001
SnowmobileSki DooSummit 600 Sport20125971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Everest 800R20097991
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Everest 800R E-TEC20117991
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Everest 800R PTEK20087991
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Everest 800R PTEK20107991
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Everest 800R PTEK20117991
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Hillclimb Edition 800R PTEK20097991
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Sport 60020136001
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Sport 600 CARB20145971
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Sport 800R P-TEK2012799.51
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Sport 800R P-TEK2013799.51
SnowmobileSki DooSummit Sport 800R P-TEK2014799.51
SnowmobileSki DooSummit X 800R20097991
SnowmobileSki DooSummit X 800R PTEK20087991
SnowmobileSki DooSummit X 800R PTEK20107991

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 March, 2015.


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