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  • Model: 1225565032
  • Shipping Weight: 14.3lbs
  • 33 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: ITP


  • OFFSET: 2+5
  • PATTERN: 4/137
  • RIM SIZE: 12 X 7
  • SKU: 57-9237
  • The perfect fusion of style and performance
  • Custom chrome cap is included with every SS Alloy wheel
  • Lifetime structural warranty - If you break it ITP will replace it

This part fits the following

ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419862901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419872901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419882901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419892901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419902901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419912901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419922901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419932901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419942901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419952901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419962901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419972901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419982901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x419992901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x420002901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x420012901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x420022901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x420032901
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 2x420043001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419893001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419903001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419913001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419923001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419933001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419943001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419953001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419963001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419973001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419983001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x419993001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x420003001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x420013001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x420023001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x420033001
ATVKawasakiKLF300 Bayou 4x420043001
ATVKawasakiKLF400 Bayou 4x419933921
ATVKawasakiKLF400 Bayou 4x419943921
ATVKawasakiKLF400 Bayou 4x419953921
ATVKawasakiKLF400 Bayou 4x419963921
ATVKawasakiKLF400 Bayou 4x419973921
ATVKawasakiKLF400 Bayou 4x419983921
ATVKawasakiKLF400 Bayou 4x419993921
ATVKawasakiKVF300 Prairie 2x419992901
ATVKawasakiKVF300 Prairie 2x420002901
ATVKawasakiKVF300 Prairie 2x420012901
ATVKawasakiKVF300 Prairie 2x420022901
ATVKawasakiKVF300 Prairie 4x419993001
ATVKawasakiKVF300 Prairie 4x420003001
ATVKawasakiKVF300 Prairie 4x420013001
ATVKawasakiKVF300 Prairie 4x420023001
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 2x420033921
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 2x420043601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 2x420053601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 2x420063601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 2x420073601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 2x420083601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 2x420093601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420033601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420043601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420053601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420063601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420073601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420083601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420093601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420103601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420113601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420123601
ATVKawasakiKVF360 Prairie 4x420133601
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 2x419983921
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 2x419993921
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 2x420003921
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 2x420013921
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 2x420024001
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 4x419973921
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 4x419984001
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 4x419994001
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 4x420004001
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 4x420014001
ATVKawasakiKVF400 Prairie 4x420024001
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Brute Force 4x420056501
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Brute Force 4x420066501
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Brute Force 4x420076501
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Brute Force 4x420086501
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Brute Force 4x420096501
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Brute Force 4x420106501
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Brute Force 4x420116501
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Brute Force 4x420136501
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Prairie 4x420026351
ATVKawasakiKVF650 Prairie 4x420036351
ATVKawasakiKVF700 Prairie 4x420047001
ATVKawasakiKVF700 Prairie 4x420057001
ATVKawasakiKVF700 Prairie 4x420067001
ATVSuzukiLTV700 Twin Peaks 4x420047001
ATVSuzukiLTV700 Twin Peaks 4x420057001

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 11 August, 2016.


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