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Powderhound Ski Hardware Kit - 05-11 Polaris IQ/IQR/Fusion w/ 3/8" Bolt


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  • Model: 04-B002-1
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6lbs
  • 2 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Slydog


05-11 Polaris IQ/IQR/Fusion w/ 3/8" Bolt

  • Units: Pair
  • Mount kits sold in pairs
  • One mount kit required per machine
  • Ski handles sold each

This part fits the following

SnowmobilePolaris440 IQ20054401
SnowmobilePolaris440 IQ20064401
SnowmobilePolaris440 IQ20074401
SnowmobilePolaris550 IQ LXT20111
SnowmobilePolaris550 IQ Shift20091
SnowmobilePolaris550 IQ Shift20101
SnowmobilePolaris550 IQ Shift20111
SnowmobilePolaris550 IQ Shift 13620111
SnowmobilePolaris550 IQ Shift ES20111
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ20081
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ20091
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ20105991
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ ES20101
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ LX20081
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ LXT20111
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Racer20081
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Racer20095991
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Racer20101
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Racer20111
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Shift20085991
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Shift20091
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Shift20101
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Shift20111
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Shift ES20111
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Touring20081
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Touring20091
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Touring20101
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Touring HO20075991
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Widetrak20105991
SnowmobilePolaris600 IQ Widetrak20115991
SnowmobilePolaris600 WideTrak IQ20111
SnowmobilePolaris700 IQ20081
SnowmobilePolaris800 IQ20091
SnowmobilePolaris800 IQ20101
SnowmobilePolaris800 IQ Dragon20107951
SnowmobilePolarisDragon IQ 60020081
SnowmobilePolarisDragon IQ 70020081
SnowmobilePolarisFS IQ Touring20077501
SnowmobilePolarisFS IQ Touring20081
SnowmobilePolarisFS IQ Touring20091
SnowmobilePolarisFS Widetrak IQ20101
SnowmobilePolarisFS Widetrak IQ20111
SnowmobilePolarisFST IQ20077501
SnowmobilePolarisFST IQ Cruiser20077501
SnowmobilePolarisFST IQ LX20077501
SnowmobilePolarisFST IQ Switchback20077501
SnowmobilePolarisFST IQ Touring20077501
SnowmobilePolarisFST IQ Touring20081
SnowmobilePolarisFST IQ Touring20091
SnowmobilePolarisFST IQ Touring20101
SnowmobilePolarisFusion 600 HO 12120061
SnowmobilePolarisFusion 700 12120061
SnowmobilePolarisFusion 90020051
SnowmobilePolarisFusion 90020061
SnowmobilePolarisFusion 900 50th Anniversary20051
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 44020051
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 44020061
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 44020071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 550 LXT20111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 HO20071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 HO20111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 HO CFI20071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 HO LX CFI20071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 LX20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 LXT20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 LXT20091
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 LXT20101
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 LXT20111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 600 Touring HO20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 70020071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 80020071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ 80020081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Cruiser20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Cruiser20091
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Cruiser FST20071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Cruiser FST20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ FST20071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ LX FST20077501
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Shift20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Shift 13620091
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Shift 55020081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Shift 55020111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Shift 60020111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Shift 600 136in20091
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Tour FST20107501
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Touring 60020071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Touring 600 HO20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Touring 600 HO CFI20071
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Touring FST20111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo20091
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo20101
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo20111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo Dragon20087501
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo Dragon20091
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo Dragon20101
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo LX20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo LX20091
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo LX20101
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo LX20111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo LXT20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo LXT20101
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo LXT20111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo Switchback20081
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Turbo Switchback20091
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Widetrak20091
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Widetrak20101
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Widetrak20111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Widetrak 60020101
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Widetrak 60020111
SnowmobilePolarisIQ Widetrak FS20111
SnowmobilePolarisTurbo IQ20111
SnowmobilePolarisTurbo IQ INTL20111
SnowmobilePolarisTurbo IQ LX20111
SnowmobilePolarisTurbo IQ LXT20111
SnowmobilePolarisWidetrak IQ20111

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 27 December, 2019.


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