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Cabin Air Filter

Retail Price: $82.09
You save: $25.10  (31%)
Our Price: $56.99

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  • Model: VF3013
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9lbs
  • 15 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: K&N


  • Filter Material: Non-woven Synthetic
  • Filter Quantity: 1
  • Height: 1.25 in (32 mm)
  • Length: 10.75 in (273 mm)
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Package Contents: 1 Cabin Filter
  • Product Box Height: 13.00 in (330 mm)
  • Product Box Length: 11.40 in (290 mm)
  • Product Box Width: 2.10 in (53 mm)
  • Product Style: Cabin Filters
  • Product Weight: 1.35 lb (0.61 kg)
  • Recommended Replacement Interval (miles): 100,000 Miles
  • UPC: 24844355546
  • Weight: 1.4 lb (0.6 kg)
  • Width: 8.063 in (205 mm)
  • XREF # - Audi: 1K0819644B
  • XREF # - Blue Print: ADV182504
  • XREF # - Bosch: 1987432097
  • XREF # - Champ Labs.: CAF1800C
  • XREF # - Champion: CCF0303
  • XREF # - Coopers: PC8348
  • XREF # - Corteco: 21653024
  • XREF # - Delphi: TSP0325174
  • XREF # - Denso: DCF049P
  • XREF # - Febi-Bilstein: 21312
  • XREF # - Filtron: K1111
  • XREF # - Fram: CF11486
  • XREF # - Hengst: E998LI
  • XREF # - Knecht: LA1811
  • XREF # - Mahle: LA1811
  • XREF # - Mann-Hummel: FP2939
  • XREF # - Mecafilter: R15
  • XREF # - Meyle: 1123190011
  • XREF # - Micro-Guard: 3968
  • XREF # - Muller: FK118
  • XREF # - Purflux: AH378
  • XREF # - Seat: 1K0819644B
  • XREF # - Skoda: 1K0819644B
  • XREF # - Sofima: S3148C
  • XREF # - Technocar: E672
  • XREF # - UFI: 5314800
  • XREF # - Valeo: 698800
  • XREF # - Volkswagen: 1K1819653B
  • XREF # - WIX: WP9146
K&N Cabin Air Filters replace your vehicle's stock cabin filter with a reusable design that cleans and freshens incoming air. They are electrostatically charged to grab and hold dust particles. K&N cabin air filters help control odors while they help capture most mold, mildew, fungus, spores, bacteria and germs. When they get dirty they can be cleaned and reused and best of all, they come with a 10 year/100,000 mile limited warranty.

This part fits the following

AutomotiveAudiA320031.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320031.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320032.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320032.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320033.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320041.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320041.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320042.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320043.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320051.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320052.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320053.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320061.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320071.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320091.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320091.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320091.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320101.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320101.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320101.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320101.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveAudiA320122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA320132.0L L4 F/I1US
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20043.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20053.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20063.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20073.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20083.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20093.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiA3 Quattro20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiRS320112.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiRS320122.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiS320072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiS320082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiS320092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiS320102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiS320112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiS320122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiS320132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20093.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20122.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20132.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveAudiTT Quattro20152.0L L4 F/I1US
AutomotiveSeatAltea20041.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20041.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20042.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20051.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20052.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20061.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20071.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20091.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20091.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20101.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20101.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20101.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20131.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20131.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20141.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20141.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20151.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20151.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20151.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea20152.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea XL20041.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea XL20042.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea XL20042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatAltea XL20051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea XL20052.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatAltea XL20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20051.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20052.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20061.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20071.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20091.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20091.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20101.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20101.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20101.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20101.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatLeon20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon Cupra R20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon Cupra R20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatLeon Cupra R20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo II20061.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20041.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20041.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20042.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20051.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20052.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20071.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20091.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSeatToledo III20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20041.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20041.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20041.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20042.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20051.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20051.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20052.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20061.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20071.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20091.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20091.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20101.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20101.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20101.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20101.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20131.2L L4 F/I1to 3/13
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20131.4L L4 F/I1to 3/13
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20131.6L L4 DSL1to 3/13
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20131.8L L4 F/I1to 3/13
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20132.0L L4 DSL1to 3/13
AutomotiveSkodaOctavia20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20083.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20091.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20093.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20101.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20101.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20103.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20113.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20123.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20131.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20133.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20141.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20143.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20151.4L L4 F/I1To 6/15
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20151.6L L4 DSL1To 6/15
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20151.8L L4 F/I1To 6/15
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20152.0L L4 F/I1To 6/15
AutomotiveSkodaSuperb20153.6L V6 F/I1To 6/15
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20091.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20101.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20101.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20131.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20131.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20141.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20141.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20161.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20161.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20162.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20171.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20171.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveSkodaYeti20172.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20122.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20131.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20131.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20132.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20141.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20141.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20142.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20151.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20151.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20151.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20152.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20161.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20161.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20162.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20162.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20171.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20171.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20172.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20172.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenBeetle20182.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20093.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20103.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20113.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20123.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20133.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20143.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20151.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20151.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20152.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20152.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20153.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20162.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20163.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenCC20172.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20063.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20073.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20083.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20093.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20093.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20103.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20152.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenEos20162.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20102.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20112.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20122.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20132.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf20142.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20031.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20031.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20031.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20032.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20032.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20041.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20041.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20041.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20042.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20051.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20051.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20052.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20061.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20071.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20091.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20091.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20091.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20101.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20101.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20111.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20121.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20131.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20131.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20131.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20141.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20141.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20141.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf Plus20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20031.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20031.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20031.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20032.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20032.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20041.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20041.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20041.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20042.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20042.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20051.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20051.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20052.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20053.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20061.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20063.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20071.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20073.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20083.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20091.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf V20093.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20091.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20091.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20092.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20101.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20101.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20101.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20102.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20111.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20112.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20121.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20122.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20131.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20131.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20131.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20132.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20141.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20141.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20141.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGolf VI20142.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenGTI20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20051.9L L4 DSL1BRM Eng.
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20052.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20062.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20072.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20082.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20092.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20102.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20112.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20122.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20132.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20142.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20151.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20152.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20152.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20161.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20161.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20161.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20171.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20171.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20181.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta20181.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20152.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20162.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20172.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta GLi20182.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta Hybrid20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta Hybrid20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta Hybrid20151.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta Hybrid20161.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta Hybrid20171.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta IV20171.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta IV20171.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20051.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20052.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20052.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20052.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20061.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20062.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20071.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20072.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20082.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20091.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20091.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20092.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20101.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20101.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20102.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20111.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20112.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20121.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20122.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20131.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20131.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20131.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20132.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20141.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20141.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20141.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20151.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20152.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenJetta V20161.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20051.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20051.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20052.0L L4 DSL1Non-US
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20061.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20061.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20062.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20062.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20063.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20071.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20071.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20071.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20071.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20072.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20072.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20073.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20081.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20081.9L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20083.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20091.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20091.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20093.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20101.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20101.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20101.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20103.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20111.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20121.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20122.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20123.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20131.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20132.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20133.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20141.6L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20142.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20143.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20151.8L L4 F/I1US
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20152.0L L4 DSL1US
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20153.6L V6 F/I1US
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20161.8L L4 F/I1US
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20163.6L V6 F/I1US
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20171.8L L4 F/I1US
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat20173.6L V6 F/I1US
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20081.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20091.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20093.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20101.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20103.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20111.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenPassat CC20123.6L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenR3220083.2L V6 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenRabbit20062.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenRabbit20072.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenRabbit20082.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenRabbit20092.5L L5 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20081.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20082.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20082.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20091.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20092.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20092.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20151.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20152.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20152.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20161.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20162.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20162.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20171.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20172.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenScirocco20172.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20101.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20102.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20102.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20111.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20112.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20112.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20121.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20122.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20122.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20131.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20132.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20132.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20141.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20142.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20142.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20151.4L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20151.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20152.0L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveVolkswagenSharan II20152.0L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveVolkswagenTouran20101.6L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320112.0L L4 DSL1
SUVAudiQ320112.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320122.0L L4 DSL1
SUVAudiQ320122.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320131.4L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320132.0L L4 DSL1
SUVAudiQ320132.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320132.5L L5 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320141.4L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320142.0L L4 DSL1
SUVAudiQ320142.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320142.5L L5 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320151.4L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320152.0L L4 DSL1
SUVAudiQ320152.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320152.5L L5 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320161.4L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320162.0L L4 DSL1
SUVAudiQ320162.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320162.5L L5 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320171.4L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320172.0L L4 DSL1
SUVAudiQ320172.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320172.5L L5 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320181.4L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320182.0L L4 DSL1
SUVAudiQ320182.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ320182.5L L5 F/I1
SUVAudiQ3 Quattro20152.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ3 Quattro20162.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ3 Quattro20172.0L L4 DSL1
SUVAudiQ3 Quattro20172.0L L4 F/I1
SUVAudiQ3 Quattro20182.0L L4 DSL1
SUVSeatAlhambra20102.0L L4 DSL1
SUVSeatAlhambra20121.8L L4 F/I1
SUVSeatAlhambra20131.8L L4 F/I1
SUVSeatAlhambra20141.8L L4 F/I1
SUVSeatAlhambra20151.8L L4 F/I1
SUVSeatAlhambra II20101.4L L4 F/I1
SUVSeatAlhambra II20102.0L L4 DSL1
SUVSeatAlhambra II20102.0L L4 F/I1
SUVSeatAlhambra II20111.4L L4 F/I1
SUVSeatAlhambra II20112.0L L4 DSL1
SUVSeatAlhambra II20112.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20071.4L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20072.0L L4 DSL1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20072.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20081.4L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20082.0L L4 DSL1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20082.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20091.4L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20092.0L L4 DSL1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20092.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20101.4L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20102.0L L4 DSL1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20102.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20111.4L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20112.0L L4 DSL1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20112.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20121.4L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20122.0L L4 DSL1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20122.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20131.4L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20132.0L L4 DSL1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20132.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20141.4L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20142.0L L4 DSL1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20142.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20152.0L L4 F/I1
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20162.0L L4 F/I1US
SUVVolkswagenTiguan20172.0L L4 F/I1US
VanSeatAlhambra20171.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra20172.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAlhambra20172.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20121.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20122.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAlhambra II20122.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20131.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20132.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAlhambra II20132.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20141.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20142.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAlhambra II20142.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20151.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20152.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAlhambra II20152.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20161.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAlhambra II20162.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAlhambra II20162.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20061.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20061.6L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20061.9L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20062.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20062.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20071.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20071.6L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20071.8L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20071.9L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20072.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20072.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20081.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20081.6L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20081.8L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20081.9L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20082.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20082.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20091.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20091.6L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20091.6L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20091.8L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20091.9L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20092.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20092.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20101.2L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20101.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20101.6L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20101.6L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20101.8L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20102.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20102.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20111.2L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20111.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20111.6L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20111.8L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20112.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20112.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20121.2L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20121.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20121.6L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20121.8L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20122.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20122.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20131.2L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20131.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20131.6L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20131.8L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20132.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20132.0L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20141.2L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20141.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20141.6L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20141.8L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20142.0L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20151.2L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20151.4L L4 F/I1
VanSeatAltea XL20151.6L L4 DSL1
VanSeatAltea XL20152.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy20161.0L L3 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20041.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20041.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20041.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20042.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20051.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20051.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20051.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20052.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20061.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20061.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20061.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20062.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20062.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20071.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20071.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20071.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20072.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20072.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20081.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20081.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20081.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20082.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20082.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20091.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20091.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20091.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20092.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20092.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20101.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20101.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20101.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20102.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy III20102.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20101.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20101.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20101.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20102.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20102.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20111.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20111.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20111.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20112.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20112.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20121.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20121.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20121.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20122.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20122.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20131.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20131.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20131.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20132.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20132.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20141.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20141.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20141.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20142.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20142.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20151.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20151.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20151.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20152.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20152.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20161.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20161.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20161.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20162.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20171.0L L3 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20171.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20171.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20171.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenCaddy IV20172.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenSharan20101.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20111.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20112.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenSharan20112.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20121.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20121.8L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20122.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenSharan20122.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20131.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20131.8L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20132.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenSharan20132.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20141.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20141.8L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20142.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenSharan20142.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20151.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20151.8L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20152.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenSharan20152.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20161.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20162.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenSharan20162.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20171.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenSharan20172.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenSharan20172.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20031.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20031.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20032.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20032.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20041.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20041.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20042.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20042.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20051.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20051.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20052.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20052.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20061.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20061.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20061.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20062.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20062.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20071.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20071.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20071.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20072.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20072.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20081.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20081.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20081.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20082.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20082.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20091.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20091.6L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20091.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20092.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20092.0L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20101.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20101.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20101.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20101.9L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20102.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20111.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20111.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20111.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20112.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20121.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20121.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20121.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20122.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20131.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20131.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20131.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20132.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20141.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20141.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20141.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20142.0L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20151.2L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20151.4L L4 F/I1
VanVolkswagenTouran20151.6L L4 DSL1
VanVolkswagenTouran20152.0L L4 DSL1

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 02 October, 2015.


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