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Intake System - Blue Synthamax 88-95 Chevy / GMC

Retail Price: $386.69
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Our Price: $309.35

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  • Model: 203-104
  • Shipping Weight: 19lbs
  • 32 Units in Stock


Blue Synthamax 88-95 Chevy / GMC

  • Air Filter Color: BL
  • Air Filter Material: Synthetic
  • Air Filter Outlet Shape: Round
  • Clamp Material: Stainless Steel
  • Clamp Style: Worm Gear
  • Clamps Included: 4
  • Couplers Included: 2
  • Intake Pipe Color / Finish: Silver
  • Intake Pipe Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Product Box Height: 12.50 in (318 mm)
  • Product Box Length: 16.00 in (406 mm)
  • Product Box Width: 15.70 in (399 mm)
  • Product Style: Airaid Intake Kit
  • Product Weight: 8.20 lb (3.73 kg)
  • Replacement Filter: 703-420
  • UPC: 642046231040
  • Weight: 8.2 lb (3.7 kg)
The AIRAID Classic Performance Air Intake produces more horsepower and acceleration from your engine by replacing the factory air intake tubing and air filter assembly with a low-restriction, high air flow induction system. The restrictive factory pa per filter and air box are removed in order to mount a new AIRAID premium air filter in the original air box location. The addition of a mandrel-bent, powder-coated aluminum intake tube further increases air flow boosting torque at the drop of the throttle. The intake tube also accommodates the vehicle's factory emissions control devices such as the mass airflow sensor and breather/vacuum hoses where applicable. The 360-degree conical AIRAID premium air filter is washable and reusable, less restrictive than traditional paper, and assures superior filtration. The AIRAID Classic Performance Air Intake is easy to install with common hand tools and is backed by AIRAID's exclusive "No Hassle" lifetime warranty. Some AIRAID air intakes are not legal for sale or use in California and other states adopting California emission standards, while others are 50 state legal. View the product's vehicle applications to determine the legal status for each vehicle.

This part fits the following

SUVChevroletBlazer19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19923.1L V6 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19924.3L V6 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19933.1L V6 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19934.3L V6 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletBlazer19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC1500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC1500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC1500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC1500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC2500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC2500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC2500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletC2500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK1500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK1500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK1500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK1500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK2500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK2500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK2500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletK2500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR10 Suburban19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR1500 Suburban19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR1500 Suburban19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR1500 Suburban19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR20 Suburban19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR2500 Suburban19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR2500 Suburban19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR2500 Suburban19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletR350019915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletTahoe19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV10 Suburban19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV1500 Suburban19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV1500 Suburban19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV1500 Suburban19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV20 Suburban19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV2500 Suburban19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV2500 Suburban19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV2500 Suburban19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVChevroletV350019915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC1500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC1500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC1500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC1500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC2500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC2500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC2500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCC2500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCJimmy19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCJimmy19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCJimmy19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCJimmy19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK1500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK1500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK1500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK1500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK2500 Suburban19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK2500 Suburban19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK2500 Suburban19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCK2500 Suburban19955.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCR1500 Suburban19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCR1500 Suburban19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCR1500 Suburban19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCR1500 Suburban19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCR2500 Suburban19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCR2500 Suburban19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCR2500 Suburban19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCR2500 Suburban19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCV1500 Suburban19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCV1500 Suburban19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCV1500 Suburban19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCV1500 Suburban19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCV2500 Suburban19885.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCV2500 Suburban19895.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCV2500 Suburban19905.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCV2500 Suburban19915.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCYukon19925.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCYukon19935.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCYukon19945.7L V8 F/I1
SUVGMCYukon19955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019884.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019894.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019904.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019914.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019924.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019934.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019944.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC150019956.5L V8 DSL1
TruckChevroletC250019884.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019894.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019904.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019914.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019924.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019934.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019944.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019954.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC250019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC350019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC3500HD19925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC3500HD19927.4L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC3500HD19935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC3500HD19937.4L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC3500HD19945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC3500HD19947.4L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC3500HD19955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletC3500HD19957.4L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019884.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019894.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019904.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019914.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019924.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019934.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019944.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019954.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK150019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019884.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019894.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019904.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019914.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019924.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019934.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019944.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019954.3L V6 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK250019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletK350019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR2019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR3019885.7L V8 CARB1
TruckChevroletR3019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletR350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletV3019885.7L V8 CARB1
TruckChevroletV3019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletV350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckChevroletV350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019884.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019894.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019904.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019914.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019924.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019934.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019946.5L V8 DSL1
TruckGMCC150019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC150019956.5L V8 DSL1
TruckGMCC250019884.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019894.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019904.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019914.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019924.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019934.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019944.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019954.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC250019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019927.4L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019937.4L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019947.4L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCC350019957.4L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019884.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019894.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019904.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019914.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019924.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019934.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019944.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019954.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK150019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019884.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019885.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019894.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019895.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019904.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019905.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019914.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019915.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019924.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019925.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019934.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019935.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019944.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019945.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019954.3L V6 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019955.0L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK250019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019925.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019935.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019945.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCK350019955.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR250019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR250019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR350019885.7L V8 CARB1
TruckGMCR350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCR350019915.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCV350019885.7L V8 CARB1
TruckGMCV350019885.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCV350019895.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCV350019905.7L V8 F/I1
TruckGMCV350019915.7L V8 F/I1

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