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DryFlow Air Filter - For Nissan Sentra 2.5l-l4; 2008

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  • Model: 28-20409
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • 7 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: AEM


For Nissan Sentra 2.5l-l4; 2008

  • Air Filter Shape: Panel
  • Filter Material: Non-woven Synthetic
  • Frame Design: Flexible
  • Height: 1.313 in (33 mm)
  • Oil Included: No Filter Oil Required
  • Outside Length: 8.813 in (224 mm)
  • Outside Width: 6.625 in (168 mm)
  • Package Contents: 1 Air Filter
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Pre-Screened: No
  • Product Box Height: 11.70 in (297 mm)
  • Product Box Length: 10.40 in (264 mm)
  • Product Box Width: 2.60 in (66 mm)
  • Product Style: AEM Dryflow Panel Air Filter
  • Product Weight: 1.35 lb (0.61 kg)
  • UPC: 24844356567
  • Washable: Yes
  • Weight: 1.4 lb (0.6 kg)
  • XREF # - Fram: CA6900
  • XREF # - Infiniti: 1654630P00
  • XREF # - K&N: 332409
  • XREF # - Mann-Hummel: MA1128
  • XREF # - Nissan: 1654630P00
  • XREF # - Purolator: A24675
  • XREF # - WIX: 46044
AEM Dryflow Air Filters are washable synthetic air filters designed for an optimum combination of air flow, filtration, and performance. AEM Dryflow filters use an innovative high performance oil-free filtration material that allows easy cleaning, durable service, and excellent filtration. Replacement air filters for street vehicles come with a lifetime limited warranty. Other air filters come with a one year limited warranty.

This part fits the following

AutomotiveChevroletSpark20081.2L L4 F/I1From 12/08
AutomotiveInfinitiM5620115.6L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
AutomotiveInfinitiM5620125.6L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
AutomotiveInfinitiM5620135.6L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
AutomotiveInfinitiQ7020145.6L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
AutomotiveInfinitiQ7020155.6L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
AutomotiveInfinitiQ7020165.6L V8 F/I2(2 required)
AutomotiveInfinitiQ7020175.6L V8 F/I2(2 required)
AutomotiveInfinitiQ7020185.6L V8 F/I2(2 required)
AutomotiveInfinitiQ70L20155.6L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
AutomotiveInfinitiQ70L20165.6L V8 F/I2(2 required)
AutomotiveNissanAlmera20111.2L L3 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanAlmera20121.2L L3 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanAlmera20121.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanAlmera20131.2L L3 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanAlmera20131.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanAlmera20141.2L L3 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanAlmera20141.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanAlmera20151.2L L3 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanLatio20121.2L L3 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanLatio20131.2L L3 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanLatio20141.2L L3 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanLatio20151.2L L3 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanMarch20101.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanMarch20111.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanMarch20121.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanMarch20131.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanMarch20141.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanMarch20151.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanMarch20161.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanMicra20111.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanMicra20121.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanMicra20131.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanMicra20141.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanMicra20151.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanMicra20161.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanMicra20171.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanNote20121.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanNote20131.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanNote20141.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanNote20151.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanNote20161.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanNote20171.2L L3 F/I1Exc. Turbo
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20141.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20141.5L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20141.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20151.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20151.5L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20151.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20151.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20161.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20161.5L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20161.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20161.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20171.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20171.5L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20171.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20171.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20181.2L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20181.5L L4 DSL1
AutomotiveNissanPulsar20181.6L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20072.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20082.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20092.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20102.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20112.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20121.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20122.5L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSentra20151.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSylphy20131.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSylphy20141.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSylphy20151.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSylphy20161.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanSylphy20171.8L L4 F/I1
AutomotiveNissanTeana20132.5L L4 F/I1From 3/13
AutomotiveNissanTeana20142.5L L4 F/I1
SUVInfinitiFX3520093.5L V6 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX3520103.5L V6 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX3520113.5L V6 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX3520123.5L V6 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX3520133.5L V6 F/I2(2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX3720133.7L V6 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX5020095.0L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX5020105.0L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX5020115.0L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX5020125.0L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiFX5020135.0L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiQX7020143.7L V6 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiQX7020145.0L V8 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiQX7020153.7L V6 F/I1All (2 required)
SUVInfinitiQX7020163.7L V6 F/I2
SUVNissanJuke20101.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20101.6L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20111.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20111.6L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20121.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20121.6L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20131.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20131.6L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20141.2L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20141.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20141.6L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20151.2L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20151.5L L4 DSL1OEM 1654630P00
SUVNissanJuke20151.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20151.6L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20161.2L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20161.5L L4 DSL1OEM 1654630P00
SUVNissanJuke20161.6L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20171.2L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20171.5L L4 DSL1
SUVNissanJuke20171.6L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20181.2L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanJuke20181.5L L4 DSL1
SUVNissanJuke20181.6L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanRogue20082.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanRogue20092.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanRogue20102.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanRogue20112.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanRogue20122.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanRogue20132.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanRogue Select20142.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanRogue Select20152.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanX-Trail20072.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanX-Trail20082.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanX-Trail20092.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanX-Trail20102.5L L4 F/I1
SUVNissanX-Trail20112.5L L4 F/I1
SUVRenaultKoleos20082.5L L4 F/I1
SUVRenaultKoleos20092.5L L4 F/I1
SUVRenaultKoleos20112.5L L4 F/I1
SUVRenaultKoleos20122.5L L4 F/I1
SUVRenaultKoleos20132.5L L4 F/I1
SUVRenaultKoleos20142.5L L4 F/I1
SUVRenaultKoleos20152.5L L4 F/I1

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 02 October, 2015.


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